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Our Band

We live in beautiful Templeton California, located on the central coast. We love this area and all the beauty that surrounds it. We've been friends for a long time and finally got together to start a band. Our goal is to make and play music that inspires and connects us. We perform a unique blend of Rock, Folk, and Americana music filtered through the distinctive lens of living in Templeton. We combine original music with cover songs carefully selected for both broad appeal and for a sound that is consistently innovative and soulful. With every song we cover, we aim to make it new again by adding an original energy and flavor while maintaining a reverence for the artistic integrity of the song. We have a great collection of cover songs as well as original songs that reach out to a wide audience. From Van Morrison and Tom Petty, to Norah Jones and Wilco, we feel we have songs and arrangements that our audience will recognize, but that also provide something new to enjoy, and compel them to get up and dance (a little something for everybody)! 


The group features lead vocalist, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist Kathleen Kirschenstein, with inventive lead guitarist Jason Kirschenstein, versatile drummer Rich Daulton, and accomplished bassist/vocalist, Paul Choboter.


We have been very fortunate to have played at many wonderful wineries and breweries around the Central Coast and we are happy to accommodate any type of venue that you have in mind. We have played quiet, refined settings with more delicate and acoustic versions of our songs, and have also cut loose to perform spirited sets at bars and breweries.


In addition to our website, you can follow us on Facebook ( and/or Instagram (@theincrementals). Please contact The Incrementals via e-mail below or call us at 805-748-7923 to book us for your next event!!


The Incrementals:

Kathleen Kirschenstein (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

Jason Kirschenstein (Lead Guitar)

Rich Daulton (Drums)

Paul Choboter (Bass & Vocals)




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